Tornado Research Using DIY Products

PACRITEX Overview:

PACRITEX is an acronym for Pressure Acoustics Recording Inside Tornadoes EXperiments. Unlike ALL government funded projects, PACRITEX is a non-government, publicly and privately funded field research project that was started in 2012. We are self funded and funded from our supporters like you directly. While PACRITEX is a non-government field research program, our research and results are made available to the public - unlike government funded projects. We will also be live streaming in 2017 during our field research campaign so you will be able to see not only all types of severe weather and tornadoes but also every aspect of our field research as it happens live, such as dropping our scientific and videographic probes into the paths of tornadoes and supercells. If you would like to make a donation for this field research or our live streaming platform you can do so by clicking on the donate button at the top of the page. Any and all donations are very much appreciated and will help continue our research  

For our 2017 field research campaign, we will be participating and engaging in field research to collect data of the following:

1) Tornado Core Sampling including video from inside the tornado vortex 
2) Tornadoes and tornado proximity environments
3) Acoustic and Infrasonic  In-situ tornado core measurements

The objectives of this research will be to verify and better understand the acoustic and infrasonic signatures pre tornadogenesis, during and post maintenance as well as the decay processes. We will also be trying to obtain videographic evidence directly from inside the tornado vortex core. The direction and goals of this research is aimed toward increasing tornado warning lead time via the received acoustic signatures pre, during and post tornadogenesis. The internal tornado near-surface sampling and video documentation will also provide essential ground truth data for structural engineering analysis. We will also be utilizing a live streaming platform and social media type video feeds that will be available to the general public as a whole. We believe this will provide a complete transparent visual of our daily work which is currently not seen with any other government funded science projects ongoing or in the past.

The video below highlights just a small portion of our research on tornadoes via our weather instruments such as the tornado probes and pressure perturbations.

Research On Tornadoes Pacritex Tornado Research

Special thanks to SparkFun Electronics for supporting the PACRITEX mission during the 2018 tornado season!

Pressure ACoustic Research In Tornadoes EXperiment


Acoustic Tornado Research