PACRITEX Field Operations for June 29 - 30, 2016:
Field operations officially end on July 1 2016.  

PACRITEX Field Operations for June 20-29, 2016:
Sampled sub severe storms in Creek County Oklahoma with newly built power supply for testing purposes. Deployed INPAR and verified autostart on bootup. Results satisfactory.   

PACRITEX Field Operations for June 14-19, 2016:
As is normal this time of year, weather pattern places severe probabilities further north (Montana, Wyoming, Canada into upper Midwest) Have elected to stay local and continue to work on data results from Eva, OK event, Tulsa, OK event, and Bennington/Chapman KS event. Also continue to work/modify equipment as time permits. As such, have recently built/added full 5.2V regulated uninterrupted power supply to datalogger. Have also completed writing script/code for auto start feature for INPAR upon power/boot up.     

PACRITEX Field Operations for June 13 , 2016:
Forecasted the southern end of Enhanced risk area to Slight due wave timing and time constraints. Well placed OFB noticed on 88D west of AMA. Decided to target this area ultimately documenting the "Amarillo" supercell and associated tornado roughly 17m northeast of AMA near HWY 136 (Potter County) Limited road network   
 did not allow a full deployment. However, deployed INPAR just off of HWY 136 roughly 2 miles south of tornado  documenting acoustics and small decrease in pressure. Results pending. 

PACRITEX Field Operations for June 11 - 12 , 2016: 
Decided not to commit to the northern target areas of Montana due to much needed rest. At this time model output indicates possible H5 punch on Monday after a CF passage through the front range of Colorado and Wyoming. This looks be a much stronger upslope event than last week and as of this timeframe we will have field operations in place.    

PACRITEX Field Operations for June 3 -10 , 2016:
Due last minute changes, Lanny had to manage the tour for the week. Upper level flow and a ridge in place provided little chasing opportunity except for weak upslope flow in the front ranges of Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. While the crew documented 5 lanspouts and a very nice striated LP supercell in NM, no data was collected during this week.      

PACRITEX Field Operations for June 1 - 2,  2016:
Due to a nasty ridge we are currently at home and at stand still waiting on a pattern change.

PACRITEX Field Operations for May 31 2016:
Deployed INPAR on non supercell storm near/north of Mosquero, NM sampling pressure perturbations in dry region. Results pending   

PACRITEX Field Operations for May 29 - 30, 2016:
Intercepted and documented a brief cone tornado NW of Melrose NM but not able to deploy INPAR. Tornado formed on edge of OFB as it curled into circulation. 

PACRITEX Field Operations for May 24, 2016:
May 24, Hicks and McGeough documented the entire lifecycle of the DDC tornado event obtaining some 360 video and one probe (Cyclops) deployment on a periphery. Total tornado count is unknown at this point but estimates are near 18. Review of the 360 video will be completed as soon as is possible.


PACRITEX Field Operations for May 25, 2016:
Dean successfully deployed the INPAR probe on a developing tornado west of Bennington, KS. After a direct circulation passage of a small rope tornado, a full data set was obtained as the circulation passed directly over the INPAR including acoustics. Preliminary 43mb free stream pressure drop was documented on HWY 18 west of Bennington, KS: -"W. However, gain adjustments and real time static free stream adjustments, the correct pressure drop was 23.2mb at that location. After dropping the INPAR, relocation to - At this location a small cone type funnel was documented and then a thin slender rope that passed roughly 60-65meters south of location. Video documented complete Tornadogenesis. After the tornado anchored east of Bennington, KS,  it became a very strong stove pipe as it continued to ride the boundary, ultimately becoming a very long track tornado. The tornado remained on the ground for almost 90min and has been rated as an EF-4 prelim with estimated wind speeds of 180mph. A second attempt to place the INPAR in the direct path was discussed by Dean and Diaz but the tornado shrouded itself and the angle of approach was canceled. However, at 01:16:10 Dean did place the INPAR on the ground: 38.917797N -97.120953 and recorded a signature at 4.4Hz with an increase in amplitude nearing 27db. It should be noted that the strongest TSF was documented and recorded at 01:21:37 with an increase in amplitude nearing 32db at 6.9Hz. 

PACRITEX Field Operations for May 24, 2016:  

While missing the "main show" near DDC, we elected to try tail end Charlie. Successfully intercepted a supercell near Liberal but no deployment attempted. Intercepted and documented Perryton TX supercell next in line but no deployment attempted.  

PACRITEX Field Operations for May 23, 2016:
PACRITEX project is underway after a small set back for May 22. Issue with electronics installation within the INPAR probe caused a delay. Field operations will begin today 5-23-16. Target area: Woodward, OK to Elk City, OK. Hicks and McGeough have Cyclops 360VR ready to deploy.  

PACRITEX Field Operations for May 18, 2016: 
PACRITEX project is finally underway. After recording a full dataset from the Tulsa tornado event as well as the Eva, OK event, Randy has completed the fabrication of the INPAR probe build and Lanny has completed the electronics build.

May 22 onward looks to be the start of our normal active May pattern and we will be in full operation mode starting Sunday, May 22, 2016. Updates will follow.


PACRITEX 2016 Tornado Field Research Results