Pressure ACoustic Research In Tornadoes EXperiment

Professional CV: Chris Rice

Assisting Probe Deployment Specialist 
Assisting Probe Deployment Specialist And Driver 

- Field research and probe deployment 
- Ten year severe storm veteran

- Video/Audio Editor Specialist


10 year storm chasing veteran, experience at close range. Assisted Randy Hicks with various probe deployment and documentation. Has documented many tornadoes over the last 10 years. Skywarn Certified. Licensed Ham radio operator. Past experience include a first responder and volunteer firefighter. Pioneered in one of the very first LIVE weather streaming platforms.

Pro Communication LLC

199 to 2017

Owner, Cable Engineer      

Areas Of Expertise
Close range tornado documentation and intercepts. Video and audio editing, cable and installation including wiring and termination.   


Media Recognition
Participated in various production appearances including: The Weather Channel, Right This Minute, Good Morning America and many local TV stations. 


Part time member of The Outlaw Chasers LLC

Randy The Outlaw Hicks Storm Chaser

Professional CV: Pat Winn

Embedded Systems Engineer / Developer
Internal probe systems engineering and consultation

- Participate in brainstorming sessions for constant improvement of instrumentation and software
- Embedded systems consultation, administration, and assistance
- Software design and development, process automation
- Data visualization application development (INPAR probe and related data)

Senior Systems Architect/Engineer with 30+ years of experience in multiple I.T. disciplines. Diversified skill sets covering a number of different programming languages, stand-alone applications, networked applications, web and embedded applications, as well as systems administration across heterogeneous operating environments to work hand in hand with
fluid application requirements, testing, and support.

Experienced in designing embedded systems, ranging from pipeline monitoring systems
which measure flow rates, temperatures, humidity and other factors to automated meter
reading systems for capturing natural gas and electric utility usage data, data capture and
storage, presentation and more.

Areas Of Expertise
Systems architect/engineering and administration, networking, applications development.

Associates in Electronics Engineering / Computer Science – Tulsa Junior College 1985

Honors and Recognitions
Sprint – Top Systems Analyst/Engineer – 1996,1997,1998,1999
Sprint – Excellence in customer service – 1998,1999
Sprint – Analyst of The Year - “Best of The Best” - 1999 – Innovation Award for DHCPLEASEQUERY code

Professional CV: David Moran

- Severe Weather Forecaster

- Radar Meteorology and Research
- Synoptic Meteorology

iWeatherNet Norman, Oklahoma

2014 to present date.


Weather Decisions Technologies
Nov 2010 to present date.
Meteorological Contractor

Prepared a daily forecast blog highlighting hazardous weather across the country to potential customers. These blogs served as an impetus to drive consumers to mobile apps available for purchase.
Assisted with data-mining projects by collecting data for the marketing department on potential clients. I collected data on how various sites (websites for television stations, radio stations, newspapers, etc.) used and displayed weather data statistics on website traffic.
Prepared frontal analyses from ECMWF for clients and other products. I prepared these analyses for an oil company using in house model data and a computer program to plot the fronts.
Prepared forecasts for utility and shipping companies. Prepared two daily forecasts for OG&E, including temperature, wind, and precipitation for the day ahead. I also prepared a brief forecast discussion for marine clients in the Bay of Campeche giving an overview of the weather conditions anticipated over the next five days.
Wrote blogs on various features of meteorological phenomena observed by radar and rare events (derechos, thunder snow, lake effect snow, etc.) explaining how they form and the hazards that they produce.
Managed accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by providing links to news stories about current weather events. These social media accounts were used to share links to articles written by other news agencies and blogs written by WDT staff to highlight how WDT products may be useful in various weather situations.

National Severe Storms Laboratory

June 2008 to May 2009

Meteorology Intern

Processed radar data from past hurricanes in preparation for journal articles written by NSSL scientists using WDSS II.
Data analyses on Doppler radar performance in precipitation estimates.
Imported and plotted various precipitation data from mobile radar units used in studies on flooding in mountainous areas.

B.S. in Meteorology - University of Oklahoma 2002 - 2009
B.A. in Mathematics - University of Oklahoma 2002-2009

Received CCM in 2017

Software expertise
Familiar with:
Microsoft Office
Digital Atmosphere

Meteorology: Radar Meteorology, Synoptic Meteorology, Mesoscale Meteorology

Forecasting expertise: Severe Weather Expert
Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
Fourier Series
Mathematical Modeling
Complex Analysis
Applied Statistical Methods

Programming skills
C (Basic to Intermediate)
Python (Basic)
Linux (Basic)     

Mechanics of 2014's Historic Lake Effect Snow Event (co author with Chris Robbins) -

Difference Between Single vs Multiple Lake Effect Snow Bands (co author with Chris Robbins)-

American Meteorological Society: 2010-Present
National Weather Association: 2015-Present

Professional CV: Randy Hicks

Principle Fabrication, Deployment Specialist 
Applied Instrumentation and Probe Deployment Leader 

- Development/design and probe fabrication
- Field research and deployment 
- Twenty four year severe storm veteran expert

20+ years various metal fabrication and welding. Mechanic. Various videographic probe builds and deployments. 24 year storm chase veteran. Documentation of well over 300 tornadoes some at very close range.

Areas Of Expertise
Close range tornado intercepts and probe deployment

Honors and Recognitions
Recognized as the first storm chaser to place a videographic probe inside a tornado core and one of the leading close range storm chaser  

Media Recognition
Many various media productions and stories:  TWC, Nat. Geo, Discovery, Tru TV, MSNBC, ABC GMA


Owner of Outlaw Chasers LLC


Lisa McGeough Storm Chaser


David Moran Meteorologist

Professional CV: Lisa McGeough

Assisting Probe Deployment Specialist 
Assisting Probe Building And Deployment 

- Assisted Development/design with probe fabrication
- Field research and probe deployment 
- Thriteen year severe storm veteran

13+ years storm chasing experience at close range. Assisted Randy Hicks with various metal fabrication and probe building. Documentation of over 100 tornadoes some at very close range. Mother, Grandmother. 

Areas Of Expertise
Close range tornado documentation and intercepts, including the infamous Greensburg, KS EF-5  


Media Recognition
Participated in the production docudrama "Tornado Hunters" on Tru-TV. Various production appearances alongside Randy Hicks TWC, Discovery, Tru TV, MSNBC, ABC GMA


Original member of The Outlaw Chasers LLC

Lanny Dean Storm Chaser

PACRITEX biographies:

Professional CV: Lanny Dean

Principle Engineer
PACRITEX Founder - Tornado Research,  Applied Science and Instrumentation, Field Group Leader and Probe Deployment

- Instrumentation electronic development/design
- Field coordinator for atmospheric research with a focus for acoustic and pressure perturbations tornado dynamics measurements

- Twenty Six Year Severe Storm Expert Specialist

- Video/Audio Production Specialist

- Photojournalist/Videographer/Reporter

- Reporter/Photographer

Area Of Expertise/Experience

26 year Storm Chase Veteran. Documented over 500 tornadoes and 11 hurricanes to date. Original member of the Outlaw Chasers. Worked loosely with the late Mr. Tim Samaras in 2012 and 2013 on acoustics and pressure perturbations near tornadoes. Electronics, Ham radio - General Class. Close range tornado intercepts and probe deployments.

Extreme Chase Tours LLC. - Mannford, OK

1999 to present date.

Owner, Engineer, Lead Weather Forecaster

Twenty Six year severe storm expert

CimTel Communication - OK
June 2008 to December 2016
Lead Engineer/Weather Forecaster

KJRH TV - Tulsa, OK

July 2007 to June 2008

Severe Weather Reporter and Photographer

KAKE TV - Wichita, KS

May 2005 - June 2007

Severe Weather Reporter and Photographer

Cebridge Communications

July 2002 to May 2005

Electronics Engineer/Field Engineer 

The Weather Channel - Atlanta, GA

2002 to 2004

Severe Weather Stringer/Photographer

ABC GMA - New York, NY

1999 to 2002

Severe Weather Stringer/Photographer

AT&T - Springfield, MO

Field Technician

1997 to 2001

BSEE Bachelor Of Science in Electronic Engineering/Telecommunications - Southwest Missouri State University 

1996 - 1999
General Radio Operators License - FCC, General Radio class license 1996
Attended Oklahoma University 1994 - 1994

Associates in Electronics Engineering - Oklahoma Technical College 2 year specialized diploma 1992-1994

Honors and Recognitions
Many various media productions and stories:  TWC, Nat. Geo, Discovery, Tru TV, MSNBC, ABC GMA etc.. 

Emmy nomination for coverage of Greensburg, KS tornado event.

Emmy nomination for coverage of Fowler, KS  tornado event.

Storm Chaser Of The Year 2007 IPixcel

Storm Chaser Of The Year 2005 IPixcel

American Meteorological Society

Owner of Extreme Chase Tours LLC

Pacritex Biography

Chris Rice Storm Chaser